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Carl Lewis: The Vegan Diet and Athletic Performance

In a recent interview at the 2017 USATF Black Tie and Sneakers Gala,  Carl discussed the changes he made to his diet at the age of 30.  He wasn’t done competing  but more importantly,  he hadn’t reached his performance goals yet.

Converting to a vegan diet wasn’t easy…he learned he needed to eat more than he was used to to get the calories in. But once he figured out the right balance and timing, the rest, as we say, is history.

Today, Carl still eats a clean, balanced diet, still mostly vegan.

His objective now?  To stay fit   forever.

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Carl Lewis: Passing the Baton

What does it mean to be a champion? Is it defined by the number of races won, the medals earned, the times left in the record books? Or is it something else entirely?

Carl Lewis is a 10-time Olympic medalist, eight-time World Champion, and one of the best to ever compete. But he’s also more than that. He’s an icon who professionalized track & field and a mentor who works tirelessly with the next generation of athletes to ensure the sport’s advancement. His extraordinary impact on track & field is the true mark of a champion. For Carl Lewis, the future is his legacy.

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