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Webinar: Why are More Young Athletes Getting Hurt?

Dr. James Andrews, orthopedic surgeon and injury consultant to a roster of clients, including Adrian Peterson, RGIII and Drew Brees,  shares his perspective on the rising trends of sports injuries in our youth.   Early specialization and overuse without proper recovery are the primary concerns.  Get the details here.
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Webinar: What is the Partnership Between AAUTF and The Perfect Method All About?

AAU  Coaches, parents, and athletes enjoyed a 1-hour live broadcast and learned about the newly announced partnership between AAUTF, Carl Lewis and The Perfect Method. AAUTF members will enjoy special first-time access to The Perfect Method, Carl Lewis’ subscription-based web portal and soon-to-be app that educates and motivates all kinds of runners and coaches to be […]
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Webinar: What is “The Power is in the Push” – Live Q&A with Carl Lewis

A number of coaches got to spend the better part of an hour with Carl. His coach, Tom Tellez, taught Carl that “pushing” is the best way to create power, momentum and ultimately, speed.  Old school is real school, and it’s still true today…because it’s based on the mechanics of human motion. Carl reviewed starts and […]
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Webinar: How Does Nutrition Affect Athletic Performance?

Fatigue, dehydration and over-training syndrome are common challenges that athletes deal with on a daily basis. Common dietary choices and proper nutritional support can minimize these issues AND improve performance. Dr. Grabowski will discuss pre- and post-workout options, and what to do during competition.

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April 19, 2017 at 6:45 pm

April 19, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Webinar: What’s the Right Fuel for The Perfect Run?

Dr. Ron Grabowski addressed important questions for runners: How does what you eat affect your running? What is your best diet and why? Questions that Dr. Grabowski answered include: – What’s the difference between a micronutrient and a macronutrient? – What’s the ”sweet spot”, or ideal balance of micronutrients and macronutrients to maximize performance and […]
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Webinar: What are Carl Lewis’ Most Memorable and Teachable Moments?

Have you ever asked yourself what goes on in the mind of an athlete when they’re setting a world record? How do they mentally prepare themselves? What are their rituals? How do they feel after they’ve proven themselves to be the best in the world? How do they feel when they end up falling short? […]
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