There is almost no margin for error in sprinting. The difference between running 100 meters in 10.00 vs. 10.10 is only 1 percent.

  • This speed difference could prevent the athlete from making the Final in track and field.
  • This tiny deficit in distance covered could prevent the wide receiver from catching a pass, the cornerback from making a tackle, or the base runner from making the steal.

For young athletes in some of the most popular sports, speed defines TALENT.

The pursuit of technical excellence is why we’re here. The journey will be different for every individual, but the elements that lead to success will always be the same. The Science of Speed helps coaches and athletes of all levels maximize their potential – on and off the track.

Our team is a partnership of experts in the science of human motion, biomechanics, psychology, motivation and discipline. No matter what the goal, The Science of Speed will develop the technical skills and the confidence to perform when it counts the most.

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Kerry Sprick

  • Graduate of the University of Chicago, with a BA in Behavioral Science, and post-graduate work in leadership, personal training, clinical nutrition
  • Visionary educator and performance coach with a national consulting practice emphasizing the psychology of habit formation and change. Leads goal setting and strategy development sessions for individuals and teams who want to achieve new possibilities
  • Collaborating with Mr. Tellez and other subject matter experts to deliver and teach The Science of Speed system, with personal focus on the Success Template and development of the the company’s Mental Edge toolset
  • Editor of The Science of Speed The Art of the Sprint, which presents the knowledge, technical prescriptions and teaching experience of Coach Tellez in a way that expands its value to the athletic community and preserves it for future generations of coaches and athletes
  • Responsible for company operations, technology partnerships, sales and marketing

Tom Tellez

  • Served 22 seasons as the Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Houston and Santa Monica Track Club
  • Member of U.S. Track Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • Studied and applied physics and kinesiology to break down all aspects of running mechanics so he could convert that knowledge into a prescription to produce speed. He conducted research, analyzed film and applied proven scientific principles to running and sprint technique. From there, he developed a model to use as the basis for coaching all track and field events
  • In each of his 2 USATF international coaching jobs, U.S. teams achieved the highest Gold medal tally among nations and led the overall medal table. Tellez was at the helm in 1991 at the 3rd IAAF World Championships in Tokyo, where he led Americans to 10 Gold medals and 27 medals overall. At the 1987 Pan Am games, Team USA produced 55 medals in Track & Field, with 26 of them Gold
  • Between 1984 and 1996, Tellez’ athletes won 7 of the USA’s 13 medals overall and he coached 6 of the 7 USA sprinters who won Olympic Gold Medals
  • Has produced some of the greatest track and field performers in the history of the sport, including International Olympic Committee Olympian of the Century, 6-time NCAA champion, 9-time Olympic Gold medalist Carl Lewis, former NCAA and Olympic 200-meter Gold medalist Joe DeLoach, 2-time NCAA champion and Olympic Silver medalist Kirk Baptiste, 3-time NCAA champion and Olympic Bronze medalist Frank Rutherford and Olympic Gold medal winner, 3-time NCAA champion and former WR 100-meter holder Leroy Burrell
  • Also coached 3-time NCAA Champion, 3-time Olympian and World Championship medalist Carol Lewis, 3 –time NCAA heptathlon Jolanda Jones, USA Olympic sprinter Jackie Washington, NCAA 200 meter champion Michelle Collins and other Olympians
  • 1997 and 1998 Conference USA men’s indoor and outdoor track Coach of the Year and 1998 Conference USA women’s indoor and outdoor Coach of the Year

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